What New Moms Are Saying...

I’m proud to have received such positive feedback from some of the women and families I’ve worked with. For me, the most rewarding part of the job is building strong, beautiful relationships with my clients and to share in one of the most memorable moments of their lives. Feel free to browse some of their testimonials below.

How can I thank you Chris for the sense of confidence you gave us going into the birth of our 2nd child. Your knowledge base and calm manner was so helpful. You were constantly available to answer questions, make suggestions and just be there with a loving word or touch. You seemed to be ready at any moment to devote all your time and attention to our specific needs. Your positivity and authenticity made a big difference in the challenging moments. You were so attentive to our oldest daughter, respectful of our  home environment and helped my husband stay relaxed as well. Chris, you seemed to really understand my preferences and you were so supportive of my decisions.  I wish you had been there for my first delivery! You really made a difference this time. I can honestly say I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is expecting, or who has recently given birth. Thank you so much, from the bottom of our grateful hearts!

Aimee P.

I had peace of mind going into my first birth experience knowing Chris would be right there beside us. She was so helpful in offering advice and talking through what to expect during labor. She was also great at talking through different scenarios of what might happen during the birth experience. I felt more confident after talking through our birth plan together. During labor she was so helpful in encouraging and reminding me I could do it. I wanted an all natural labor and she encouraged me with whatever decision I made. I especially appreciated her trying different positions with me during labor to make me more comfortable. And her knowledge of pressure points really saved the day during labor. I couldn't have had such a positive experience without her. I would highly recommend her expertise. You won't be disappointed. She will be right there through the whole process.

Stephanie L.

My goal was to have a natural birth. I was determined not to get the epidural and with Chris by my side I was able to achieve that goal. She not only supported me during birth she also helped support my boyfriend as well. This is our first child and I don’t think it would have gone as smooth and stress free without her. I recommend Chris to be anyone’s doula if  it’s your first child or your 5th child. She was super supportive, she made me feel like it was all about me and my baby! If anyone is having a baby I really recommend on having a doula- it’s great extra support! All about you while giving birth!--

Sarai D.

When I got pregnant and the last thing on my mind was the birth. Other than knowing I wanted kids I went into the whole thing blind. At the time I was working with Chris in childcare, and she had talked previously of a dream to be a Doula. I had no idea what that meant but I could tell she was passionate. Then she asked me if she could be my Doula, she explained what it was, the benefits, the statistics, everything. 

     She helped me decide I wanted to try for a unmedicated birth, which I knew would be easier with her help. She helped me with questions and concerns, advised me, told me what it all was going to be like and when the day came she was there. She helped me cope with the pains of birth, helped get my questions answered, kept me in the know and strong. When the time came and I decided I needed pain assistance (epidural), we had a plan and she was there to support it. When the time came to push she was by my side, talking me through it, along side my family. 

     I'd recommend a doula to anybody who wants a unmedicated birth, medicated birth, water birth, home birth, the works. And I especially would recommend Chris; knowing how she is with babies, her experience in births, her dedication and her kind heart, it made all the difference for my birth

Ariana Smith

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