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If you don't know your options, you don't have any.


As a Certified Childbirth Educator, I maintain the most up to date, evidence-based information to create informative, engaging, and insightful classes to help you prepare for your birth. A variety of classes are available now to provide guidance and build confidence.

Update related to Covid 19: If you prefer a virtual class experience, call Chris at

(509) 520-2975 to discuss options.

Couples Attending Ante Natal Class Toget


A comprehensive 6 week series

2-hour classes on Tuesday evenings

Call (509) 520-2975 for information

Stacked with in-depth discussion and interesting activities, this class takes time to prepare families for the highs and hard moments of labor and childbirth.:

  • Families brand new to childbirth

  • Practice with labor coping strategies

  • Dedicated section for partners to learn how to support their loved one in labor

  • Interact and get to know other new parents

This traditional childbirth class takes place over 6 consecutive Tuesday nights, each class lasting 2 hours. ​Filled with fun and learning, this class checks all the boxes and will have you ready when labor begins.

$180 per couple


8 hour class, offered one Saturday per month

Presented in a small group setting (4 couples max), this class is perfect for those wanting a group experience and an optional time frame:

  • Pending due date

  • Weekend alternative

  • Option to traditional class

Using fun, interactive learning,​ you will become familiar with the facts you need to be prepared for your birth. Topics include: basics of labor, comfort & coping techniques, basic infant care, and others.

$165 per couple


A quick refresher for families with previous experience with childbirth

A single, 4-hour class,  offered one Saturday per month

Focused on developing your prior understanding of labor and childbirth, this class will equip you with skills and insight and increase your readiness for your new experience.

  • Review the basics of labor and (re)learn comfort and coping options

  • Look at what worked and what didn't in your last birth and discover how to avoid a repeat

Interesting and relevant discussion is the key to this innovative class. You will leave empowered with up-to-date information that has you prepared for an effective new experience.

$75 per couple

Midwife explaining birth process to preg


Focus on topics personalized for your needs and concerns. These classes are conveniently arranged according to your schedule. Private childbirth classes are offered "a la carte" in 3 hour modules. Choose unlimited modules to fulfill your needs.

  • Ready for Labor & Childbirth ~ Understanding the Basics

  • Ready for an Unmedicated Birth ~ how to succeed at a more natural experience

  • Ready for Cesarean Birth ~ be prepared when surgery is necessary

  • Ready for Infant Care ~ Did you know newborns have a language? Learn how to understand what they are saying so you can care for their special needs.

  • NEW! Ready for Breastfeeding ~ While breastfeeding is a natural process, it is like learning to dance and it helps to learn the steps ahead of time!

Feel self-assured and excited as you approach the birth of your new baby. Each module is thoughtfully prepared and supported with hands-on practice and helpful handouts.

$150 per module

$270 any 2 modules (10% discount)

$380 any 3 modules (15% discount)

$480 any 4 modules (20% discount)

Three happy pregnant women are making se
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