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Let's Get This Party Started!

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

So this is my first blog post and it's gonna be a short one. I've been editing the website today on the advice of a friend with a marketing background. I asked her to look at the site after I published it last week and she emailed me after she had a look.

"It looks great!" she said. "Change these 5 things."


So I did. And she was right. She's the best. I'm gonna be her doula someday (soon?).

I can be your doula today. Why? Because you need educated support during the marathon that is labor. Having a doula is a really healthy option. It lowers your risk of needing to use Pitocin to augment your labor. It significantly reduces your risk of needing a surgical delivery. Having a doula decreases the use of epidurals and narcotic medications and increases the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal delivery. Most of all, studies indicate an enormous decrease in the risk of you as a new mama being dissatisfied with your birth experience. It should be the happiest day of your life. And I can help make it so. Call or email me today, and let's get this party started!

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